The Monero Moon (Issue 10)

Development, Releases, and Technology

Monero’s blockchain has passed 1,700,000 blocks. The recently implemented Bulletproofs help reduce blockchain bloat and enable a more time efficient synchronization of Monero’s blockchain going forward. You can see on that the growth of the Monero blockchain has slowed considerably — from approximately 2GB per month to under 300MB per month.
A new UI for a Monero GUI wallet.

General News

Watch pwrcycle’s Shellcon 2018 presentation How the hell does Monero work?

pwrcycle’s presentation.
Sarang’s Dive into Monero workshop talk.
Sarang’s presentation on Privacy technology in blockchain applications
Monero Talk chatting with Van Wirdum.
Monero Defcon talk playlist
The beauty of $XMR: View Key allows transparency optionally & on-demand, rendering much of the punditry about a future Monero ban or harsh regulations hindering future progress quite weak.
Once you notice it…
u/nielsnelson2’s Monero sweater.

Exchanges and Merchants

Over the past week there have been numerous reports of users experiencing issues with the MyMonero webwallet. One user even claimed to have lost over 5000 XMR. While it is not possible to prove the legitimacy of such claims, it is highly recommended you avoid using webwallets for storing large amounts of Monero.

Forum Funding and Proposals

There is currently one proposal to improve the Monero ecosystem that requires funding.


Total Monero in Circulation — 16,563,881 XMR (last week: 16,550,315 XMR)


u/xm-arghhh-pirate from
u/Kukri4321 from reddit.comr/moonero
u/RoyalMayonnaise from
Monero cat. Can you see it? He deserves to be hodled.
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